Why Choose NUPT?

NUPT Inc. is a 5-star service company, providing exceptional quality care to our clients. From our compassionate and professional patient care, to our top-of-the-line equipment, you can guarantee that our services will be nothing like you’ve ever experienced. Our team is ...

Travel Tourism

What is medical tourism? 

Have you any idea about Medical Tourism?  Medical tourism, also called health tourism, is an industry centre...

Patient Transport during COVID 19

Patient Transport during COVID 19

COVID 19 is a highly contagious virus. It is critical that before and after every transfer that the ambulance be decontaminated, to prevent the transmission of the virus.

Bariatric Patient Transport

Bariatric Patient Transport

Patients over 240 lbs are deemed to be bariatric.

Bariatric transport, is a specialized transport requiring specialized equipment to accommodate patients over 240 lb. Usually there is a crew of four Medics to assist wit...

Patient Transfer Techniques

Patient Transfer Techniques

The following are the steps our medics will use to assess the best way to transport your loved one to their appointment/home or hospital visit.

1. Assess Patient Mobility

Our highly trained personnel provide outstanding, prompt non-urgent patient transport with medical team support. We are prepared to meet your health needs during transport with specialized equipment and technology. Our well-trained, compassionate professionals are accredi...

Look for a Good Patient Transport Service?

If you have an appointment at the doctor's clinic and are unwilling to drive yourself, then there is a solution for it. The patient carriage service is the easiest, relaxed, and stress-free option for most non-urgent medical circumstances. These companies interface with e...