NUPT Inc – Why Choosing Services from us

NUPT Inc – Why Choosing Services from us

non-emergency ground ambulance

Our highly trained personnel provide outstanding, prompt non-urgent patient transport with medical team support. We are prepared to meet your health needs during transport with specialized equipment and technology. Our well-trained, compassionate professionals are accredited and transport you with professionalism and a welcoming smile. Our purpose is to make your journey as safe as possible.

Why is the reason to choose us?    


NUPT Inc non-emergency ground ambulance services are operated by trained personnel who provide transportation services and accompany patients who need to travel long distances in the required personal hygiene and comfort requirements.

Once our highly trained, qualified healthcare professionals pick up the patient, they are entirely informed of any special needs. A patient can obtain oxygen, a stretcher, or a walker for any of his conditions.

Also, our emergency vans and other transportation equipment are fitted with new fastening systems. It ensures that your loved one is safest between destinations.

Long-distance Ambulance

For many years, we have recognized the need for long-distance ambulances and patient transport systems to provide compassionate yet clinically distinguished emergency treatment during medical transportation. The goal of NUPT Inc Patient Transport is to give each customer the personal attention that he/she deserves.

Ambulance for Patient Transport

We deliver the state to state emergency transport in state-of-the-art transport vehicles. NUPT Interstate Patient Transportation Ambulances are configured for comfort and have the latest entertainment equipment as well as three beds for other family members who ride together.

Senior transport

For several good reasons, we are the pioneer in senior long-distance transport. That’s because we provide exceptional treatment for patients and make sure our elderly patients are happy and healthy.

Patient transport service

Careful transport professionals provide our services. While our competitors frequently only have two drivers, we are accompanied by a nurse and two drivers to ensure continued treatment during the ride.

If you require national transportation of older people or state to state emergency services, you can trust our professional and elite medical teams to take care of the patient. We provide the experienced team of nurses, drivers and patient care managers. We have an outstanding track record for the safe and long-distance transport of our patients. Depending on the transport length, we provide a medical professional and 1-2 drivers.

Bariatric transport

Our team is prepared to give unique skills and attention to bariatric patients. NUPT Inc. goes beyond offering a transport service that provides convenience and dignity for the patient.

Homely Feeling

We aspire to meet all the needs that our patients want by not compromising with the service, honesty or high quality of our medical services. NUPT Inc. is the leading medical transport company with these standards. We are specialized in inpatient transportation from bed to bed.

Worldwide Air Medical Service

We have particular experience in bedside-to-bedside medical facilities worldwide. We welcome patients from the most basic to critical care and provide medical teams who never leave their sides to guarantee the highest quality of care for our patients and their families.