Our mission is compassion with the highest standards in patient care.

NUPT has been providing high standards in patient transport for over 20 years. The company boasts an infrastructure that includes a fleet of over 10+ ambulances, 50+ medical officers and international partners around the world. NUPT is a fundamental part of the healthcare sector, easing patient outflow from major health facilities. NUPT provides cost-effective patient transport solutions, that assist hospitals, long-term care facilities and families in moving patients to and from.

Meet our team

Our team's goal is to engage future emergency service students with real-life experiences through NUPT's teaching, inspiring, and connecting students with the healthcare sector. Our company stands out for its excellent recruiting team, Safety/Compliance Officers, and an outstanding management team. Recognized as one of only a few federal services that provide superior healthcare across Canada and the United States. As a result, over 90% of our employees are hired for services across Canada. NUPT prides itself on providing the highest levels of patient care with dependable and diligent medical staff. As a result of training and health awareness campaigns, NUPT remains one of the industry's safest patient transportation companies using only certified medical equipment, approved ambulance vehicles and highly trained medical officers.

Your Safety and comfort is our priority

NUPT adheres to strict operating policies. Our fleet is meticulously serviced, using only original GM parts, to ensure safety and comfort. Our odour-free ambulances are thoroughly cleaned after every transfer, with hospital-grade chemicals, to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. As well, a fresh set of blankets and pillows are always provided.


To provide the highest quality in patient transport service


To be the leading patient transport service provider in Canada and rewrite the industry's standards in proper practice


Prioritizing patient care while delivering compassion, integrity and respect

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