Why Choose NUPT?

Why Choose NUPT?

NUPT Inc. is a 5-star service company, providing exceptional quality care to our clients. From our compassionate and professional patient care, to our top-of-the-line equipment, you can guarantee that our services will be nothing like you’ve ever experienced. Our team is trained and prepared to take on the responsibility of caring for you or your loved one. NUPT Inc. is constantly setting the standard for what patient transportation should look and feel like. 

When transporting patients, our team is sure to exhibit considerate care, no matter how big or small. It can be something as small as throwing a blanket over the legs of a patient, or returning to their home to retrieve a personal item for their transport; these actions can go a long way. Creating a comfortable space in a circumstance that can make someone feel their most vulnerable is important. Oftentimes, patients must rely solely on trusting a complete stranger with their wellbeing and safety. This, as you can imagine, can be nerve-wracking and difficult to experience for some. That is why NUPT Inc. is committed to going the extra mile to ensure our patients feel their best while under our care. 

In being prepared to transport our patients, we rely on the best equipment in the industry. Everything from our stretchers, oxygen supplies, and cardiac monitors, help us to provide quality care to patients of all kinds. Trusting in the equipment you use on a daily basis is the foundation of having a successful transport. Invest in supplies and equipment that you can rely on and that will make the job a whole lot easier, and take care of the things that take care of you! Regular maintenance is also a key in your success. Adequate training and use have also been found to be helpful. 

It is important to always exercise kindness and compassion in the patient transportation industry. This, of course, is extended to our fellow healthcare workers, as well as the family members of our patients. At NUPT Inc., we come across patients and colleagues from all medical and personal backgrounds. We strive to make every encounter one to remember. Remaining courteous and collaborating with healthcare staff is another example of little actions going a long way. It may be assisting a nurse to transfer a patient onto a bed, or even something as simple as giving grace in times where their work environment becomes suddenly demanding. Working together creates a productive, safe and successful workplace for everyone.

Non urgent patient transportation is not your 911 emergency run or a quick rideshare trip. It’s the humbling in-between that allows our team to provide a service that is meaningful, rewarding, and at times, personal. Using quality equipment and supplies, along with our training and professional experiences, we give 110% to every patient, no matter what the circumstances are and take care of them as if each of them were a part of our very own family.