Travel Tourism

Travel Tourism

What is medical tourism? 

Have you any idea about Medical Tourism?  Medical tourism, also called health tourism, is an industry centred on access to medical care or treatment abroad. People from less developed countries often travel to developed countries for the best treatment and diagnosis of their underlying medical conditions. This trend has always been there, but the process has seen an enormous increase in the 21st century. Interestingly, people in developed countries have also started travelling to less developed countries to reduce the cost of their treatment. Due to differences in treatment and waiting times between nations, people are willing to fly to other countries to access adequate health care without waiting long. 

The pros and cons of medical tourism 

Advantages of medical tourism 

  • The advancement of medical tourism allows people to seek treatment more quickly and leave the long-awaited list in their home countries. 
  • It also helps reduce the cost of treatment if one chooses a country with cheaper healthcare than a resident country. 
  • Some health facilities have also teamed with medical tourism agencies to give patients access to post-treatment check-ups. 
  • Depending on the nature of the practice, patients can also see the country they will access their healthcare. 

Disadvantages of medical tourism 

  • The process of applying for a legal permit and visa and the related paperwork can be time-consuming and expensive, depending on the country you are traveling to. 
  • All countries have different lists of approved medications, supplements, and treatments that may differ from your country of origin. It can affect the patient’s post-treatment treatment and their existing medication plan if they have prescriptions issued. 
  • Healthcare Cultural and language barriers can be a problem for patients undergoing treatment when talking to healthcare officials. 
  • A significant concern in patients is a follow-up after treatment and returning to their home country. 
  • Industry Misconduct in this industry can have challenging moments for a patient’s health. Expensive medical care services may be promised but not provided to patients.